NES Stud and Livery Agreement

December 2011

All persons bringing, leaving or putting their horses at Cowling Hill Farm (N.E.S.) are deemed to have read and understood and accepted these standard terms of trading that are laid out below.

N.E.S. accepts no liability for any horses, livestock, people, pets, or property whilst here on this property whatsoever. Horses are deemed a risk sport and it is accepted that any person is aware of this before undertaking their sport.

It is also accepted that horses have a free will and any damage that is caused to them or to others whilst acting on their own free will is not any responsibility of N.E.S. and no claim will be made against N.E.S. whatsoever.

Any property left here is left at its owner’s risk. Any loss or damage to persons or property is solely the owner’s responsibility.

Any use of facilities is at your own risk and no claim will be made against N.E.S. for any abuse of such privileges, any damage to property or facilities will be charged for repairs.

Livery bills will be generated either weekly or monthly and will be paid within seven days of receipt. All livery bills, Stud fees and any other charges are to be paid before removal of horse or property from Cowling Hill Farm. We reserve the right to retain property or livestock to the value of the outstanding bill until paid for in full, livery charges will still apply during this time.

All horses, persons or property must have valid and up to date public liability insurance cover and cover for damage to themselves or others. Any property must be covered for theft or damage and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that this is the case. NES may request to see proof of insurance at any time.

All visiting mares for breeding or foaling must comply with the policies laid down by N.E.S. at the time. No guarantees are given as to the breeding potential or suitability for breeding and no guarantees will be given as to whether they will conceive, or the quality or suitability of their offspring. It is agreed that no claim will be made against NES for any damage illness or disease whilst covering, foaling or being kept at Cowling Hill Farm.

Anyone or any property visiting Cowling Hill Farm for whatever reason agrees to ensure the safety of themselves and others and avoid and report any possible danger, including avoiding and keeping out of fields or boxes where breeding stock youngsters and stallions are, without the express permission and supervision of responsible N.E.S. staff.

N.E.S reserves the right to change, alter, add, or delete any terms herein and lay down any special rules or requirements on individuals where they see fit. Everyone is expected to adhere to these terms or special rules laid down and abuse of them will not be tolerated  

December 2011